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My name is Emmanuel ( BILL ). I'm an Internet Marketer.

I started my Internet Marketing business when I didn't know anything. After I started I could not make a dime online and was dead broke.

Until I got these packages that I want to show you. After I discovered the great information they contain and I applied them,

I sold my first product online when I had no dime and since then I have been earning online every month.

What did I do to change my story from a broke Internet Marketer to earning monthly?

The secret of the transformation was that I got and read these 25 ebooks

After reading these e-books:

I started selling both mine and affiliate Products & Services Online.

I knew how to Earn Online like I know my name.

Many of my friends use to ask me how I did it.

I have trained few of my students to do this and they have started earning online but the demand keep increasing.

That's why I have decided to Launch a single package and make it accessible to all that are interested.


This IBSK Package contains all the 25 best ebooks that helped me to get started and it includes:

1. The One Minute Millionaire (Worth $15)*

One Minute MILLIONAIRE:. The vital principles of wealth and abundance.

2. The Irresistible Offer (Worth $70)

How to Make your offer irresistible.

3. The Great Formula (Worth $20)

The formula for selling your products fast in 3 seconds.

4. The Secret of Selling Anything(Worth $15)

The world greatest salesman secret to selling anything.

5. The Millionaire Fastlane (Worth $23)

Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime.

6. Multiple Streams of Income (Worth $15)

How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth.

7. The Empire Formula (Worth $35)

How to make your first $300,000 Online & Create an Empire Business.

8. Creating Wealth (Worth $15)
The enlightened way to wealth.

9.  18 Essential Lessons From A Self Made Millionaire. (Worth $15)

10. 21 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Think Differently (Worth $17)

How to approach problems to create solution and ceate the future you desire.

11. Internet Wealth Secrets. (Worth $10)

The brilliant start-up guide for anyone, looking to set up a highly profitable home based business.

12. Email Lifeline- Anik Singal (Worth $35)

How to increase your email marketing profits by 300% using a simple formula

13.  How To Make Quick Cash Even If You're Dead Broke (Worth $17)

This simple guide shows you that it's incredibly easy to make quick cash even if you are dead broke using the power of the internet.

14.  The Ogbonge Bloggers Guide(Worth $17)

Ogbonge's Blogger Guide. It is a step by step guide (including pictures) which will teach you how to create and monetize a blog.

15. Online Marketing Secrets (Worth $20)

The One Missing Ingredient Small Businesses Need to Get More Traffic, Capture More Leads, and Convert More Sales From the Internet…

16.  The Ultimate Guide To Creating Money Making Ebooks (Worth $16)

The ultimate guide to creating, selling, and marketing your own eBooks

17.  Viral Adsense Cash (Worth $10)

How I grew a simple little adsense site from $0 to $6k and over 1 million page views in just 3 short months.

18.  How To Turn Your Passion Into Income. (Worth $13)

This step by step practical guide will teach you how to quickly turn your passion into a profitable online business!

19.  Passion into Profits: (Worth 24$)

“How I Turned a Little Idea into a $10 Million a Year Business”

20.  Fiverr Middleman (Worth $20)

This PDF Report explains the best ways to use fiverr to make quick cash.

21.  Social Media Made Me Rich (Worth $21)

Here's what the world's highest-paid Internet entrepreneurs are doing to MULTIPLY their impact, influence, and income.

22. How I Made An Extra $412 A Week (Worth $5)

Strategy for making an extra $400 a week thanks to Fiverr

23. The Laptop Millionaire (Worth $17)

Go from ZERO to $10000 a month in 28 days and discover financial freedom online!

24. The Email Lifestyle (Worth $25)

Lessons of a multi-million dollar Email Marketer

25.The Facebook Wealth Formula(Worth $15)

The fastest, most practical and 100% working formula to make money with Facebook. Start today and you can make $500 a day

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If you get this package and you're not satisfied,I will refund you 100%

All the risk is on me!

So, order yours Now!

For enquiries: Whatsapp me on or call me at +2348164813749 or email directly to

Emmanuel (Bill).
Commited to your Success

"An investment in knowledge (yourself) pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin.


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