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Blogging is one of the top ways people make money today. Blogging can be a fully hobby- a great way to express your passion/feeling on a particular niche. But obviously, it can also be a great way to make money, either as a full time blogger or part time.
Knowing how to make money from your little blog set you apart from that your friend that runs a bigger one. Learning how to grow your income through blogging might be easy or hard(most especially for new bloggers), but if you are a new blogger don't worry too much because i have already covered how you can start monetizing your blog as a beginner.
One thing you should have in mind as a blogger is that the method or monetizing platform that worked wonders for your friends or colleagues might not even work for you, that's why we decided to cover the top 5 ways to make money while blogging.

following are the top 5 ways to make money from your blog

Affiliate marketing has grown rapidly since its inception. According to one report, the total sale amount generated through affiliate networks in 2006 was $3.20 billion in United Kingdom alone. Affiliate worldwide earned $6.5 billion in bounty and commission from a variety of sources in Education, Publishing, Gaming, Retail and many others.

Affiliate marketing is the number one thing i recommend whenever people ask me for guide on blog monetizing. For the past 2years alone, i have been able to generate around $28,527 through affiliate marketing, that's quite more than $1000/month from affiliate marketing.

My Guides
if you are really interested in affiliate marketing as i will advice anyone, then you can check this my previous guide on the top affiliate marketing programs to join in 2018.
I recommend every of my readers to work with clickbank and hostgator .
but normally i recommend my readers to go for any of these ones that i listed here.
clickbank is the most widely known affiliates in the world today. Recently, i received a notification that clickbank now pays 75% of any product sale successfully completed. So am gonna tell you to register with them as soon as possible and start generating some bucks.
note: make sure you promote only the product that falls within your niche. deviating from that might irritate your readers.

  Placing specific ads on your blog is another huge way people make money from there blogs.
In fact, more than 40% of bloggers rely on ads for monetizing there blogs which for  me is not a perfect idea. Placing ads is very good and its among the top things i encourage my readers to go for, but depending only on it for Monetizing your blog  is something am fully against because is not good to put all your eggs in one basket(we all know that any slight mistake can easily get your Adsense account banned and all money generated will be totally lost). You can as well check my previous article where i explained ways you can make money from your blog without placing ads.
Google recently reported that they have paid in excess of 7billion dollars through adsense program. So this is one of the things you seriously need to give a big shot.
though google adsense is the most widely used , but there are so many ads program around there that you can still apply for.
among them is, infolinks and propellerads.

 A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. 

Freelancing job is one of the most ways experts make money online . I currently have an account i run at upwork where i get paid by a client after completing a simple task. You don't need to be an expert as most people say before starting a freelancing job. Just like me,  I started with zero knowledge in coding and still get paid for completing other offers like managing someones Facebook page/account, writing reviews,articles,blog posts and short stories. 
There are different categories of work to choose from while registering as a freelancer, you can register as a writer, engineer, web developer and many many others. So no matter how low your skill is, there is still a suitable work available for you as a freelancer.
 I get paid $40/hr for writing, though depending on the work conditions.
You register with some top freelancing websites like upwork or freelancer.


This looks similar to the one i stated earlier(in no. 2) but is completely different. 
Selling ad space means advertising a companies product on your blog:you get paid weather a sale is completed or not(unlike affiliate marketing). 
Selling ad space to top companies is not the same thing as placing Adsense on your blog. Most people that have high number of monthly visitors sell a little space in there blog for a huge sum of money to top companies. It might sound confusing to some, but selling a space in your blog is quite a unique way to make money from your blogs. Though  i don't use this method at the moment,  i have a friend that sold a little of his blog space for $450/month to a top medical company.
Premium gated content can mean any type of content you charge for - a premium templates, eBooks, downloadable guides and many others.  But what I'm referring to here is pay-gated content. Basically you just put some awesome content up behind a paywall, which means visitors pay to access it. You can get your own paywall set up in 10 minutes or less using a plugin.

I decided to cover only this five ways because it has been the most widely money making platform used by top bloggers , though there are still other bunch of ways you can make a lot of money through blogging.
Are you finding any difficulties with the option we listed above or is there any other method you have been using to make money on your blog that works really fine?then feel free to share it in the comment section below.
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