list of ONLINE JOBS that has been paying for the past 10years - apply at anytime

Working from home has been the desire of many students, graduates and stay at home mums. While some people have given up on finding online jobs because of scams and unprotected site, there are still a couple of companies out there that can still pay you regardless. As an internet Amateur, sometimes you can get scam easily thereby you don't know the right people. don't give up, hang on because you are finally here. Right here At 8figurez we bring to you trusted online jobs right at your door step.

I have been using the internet and making money for the past 8 years, so i think if you ever need anyone to guide you on anything concerning the internet, I will be right there behind you to guide you.
With so many scams in the internet today, i have decided to bring to you guys the most trusted and high paying online jobs that you can embark on without any fear of wasting your time or money and i have decided to give you guys the ones that doesn't require you to invest a dime or anytime, you just choose the hours you wanna work a day and you are good. Some of these companies pay daily, some monthly depending on what you applied for.
following are the list of online jobs that has been online and paying for the past 8-10years and you are free to apply at any time

Getting a work at amazon is not as hard as you might be thinking right now. I have a friend that got hired at Amazon immediately after graduation. You can read our full guide on how to get hired at amazon. Though is not gonna be easy as you will have to pass through so many interviews before you can finally be approved but i still think you've got a chance, so i advice you to give this one a big shot.

What qualities do Amazon look for in Every Candidate?
There's no fit stereotype at Amazon or who you must be like in order to be successful here. They focus more on the actual content or substance of what they're talking about [in every interview]. They focus on a problem and how to solve it.

Amazon also looks to hire people who are able to solve complex issues when needed. You have to be a little tough, creative in some areas and innovative. Park tells Cosmo  that in interview with the company, applicants should focus on "a problem and how to solve it" to show that they have what it takes to deliver results.
"I encourage candidates to give examples that show how they can follow an inquiry and get to the root cause of something," Park says. "Give an example of going above and beyond serving their customers' needs."
To apply for this job follow this link 


 Upwork is a place where you can see any type of job around the globe. You get hired depending on your skill.
Do you know how to code(no matter how little)?
do you know how to design?
do you know how to type?
Do you speak correct English(expert in English)?
Are you an engineer?
Can you translate languages?
can you review a book or website?

if you have any of these skills listed above(and many more not listed), then Get paid per hour at Upwork for doing any things you love most. At upwork you can get paid $40-$100 per hour by a client depending on the work rate. Am currently doing a copywriter job at Upwork and am being paid $45/hr. i fully suggest you to give this one a big shot.
To apply, follow this link


Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Noogler?
I know so many of you guys haven't heard of  that word Noogler before and right now they might  just be confused.
Well, A Noogler is the term google use to refer to new hires/workers while a Googler is someone already working with google.
Just like Amazon, you can also get hired at google from anywhere and at anytime. Google is regarded today as the biggest search engine in the world, boasting over 60% of searches made around the globe. recent analysis suggest that google estimate over 3billion searches per day so am pretty sure google will be a dream company to work for.

Getting hired at google might look harder than getting hired at amazon, because google are always strict and direct with the way they deal with things. The secret of you getting hired by google has already been discussed in our previous post. I advice you to go ahead and read that - how to get hired at google.


Affiliate marketing is the act of selling/promoting a merchants site or product and get paid per lead or per product sale.
I usually recommend this program to my reader for the past years and still backing it up till today. I was able to generate around $26,800 in my first 2years as an affiliate marker so you too can do this. You can check my previous article where i listed the top affiliate marketing programs you can join right now.


Blogging is one of the top you can start making money especially as a student or unemployed. 
Starting a blogger blog is quite easy and totally free to use.
With blogging, you can make money through
  • selling ad space
  • google and other ads
  • affiliate promoter
  • selling e-book
  • tutoring people
  • email marketing
  • social media
  • and many more
Blogging has been a source of income for many youths around the globe. If you love what you do and derive joy from it, you can go ahead and become a full time blogger.
As a blogger, you can generate more than $10,000/per month.
Check our previous post on the top five(5) ways  you can make huge money from your blog or if you are a beginner, you can read our beginners guide on how you can make money online.

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results.
With this skill, you can find work online at big company and this skill can also set you on another level as a freelancer. I have seen top companies pay a huge sum just to rank there site higher in search engines, so with this skill you can fancy yourself working at any top company of your choice. The only question you might be asking yourselves right now as a search engine optimizer is how to get started or how to you can find the top companies that are in need of your skill, UPWORK  is a good place to start showcasing your skills.


Are you a photographer? or do you know how to take quality shot with your camera or cell phone? if yes. then you have a big skill. Do you know you can snap a quality picture and sell just one of them as much as $100. surprised ain't you?. That means you can sell 10 quality pictures for $1000, though is not all your pictures that you are going to sell for that high price but at least you will be making some bucks from pictures you might think is no more relevant.
If you think you have what it takes in this field, then you can follow this links to sell your pictures 500px, iStockphoto,   Shutterstock

That's all the trusted list i can give you guys for now, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to have direct access to all our post about online jobs, blogging tips,making money online,SEO and many more.

Have any question or suggestion on the online jobs i just listed here, you can leave it in the comment section below.
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