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 Everything you need to know about infolinks

I know so many of you must have come across the name infolinks as i used it a lot in my previous post about google adsense alternatives. Today i will writing a full review on infolinks(everything you need to  know about infolinks will be covered in this post).


what is infolinks?

" Infolinks is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Online advertisers utilize the Infolinks Self-Serve Marketplace to customize their own campaign. Advertising with Infolinks means delivering brand messages to engaged users."

Founded in 2007, infolinks boast a high number of over 100,000 publishers, 240 million monthly unique users and 1.5 billion monthly ad views, infolinks has arguably been a source of income for many bloggers and website owners. with infolinks, you can actually generate a decent bucks if you boast a high percentage of visitors.


Yeah, i know so many people are used to infolinks and its no more a new company in the advertising world. But there are some restrictions which am not sure so many of you guys are not aware of. Yes i have a 100% knowledge of infolink and its unique offers but the fact that there are some restrictions made me lower its ranking on this page. It has been proven that infolinks Ads perform better on sites with traffic source originating mostly from the UK and US. If your visitors does not mostly come from these countries, your earnings will be lower. Infolinks also only accept 2 languages(English and Spanish) so if you run a different language site, you are not eligible.

Types of infolink ads and how it work

With infolinks, you will be provided with four monetization options; you have 4 type of display ads to choose from. you can choose to enable one of these four options.

The four type of ad available with infolinks are:intex ads, inframe ads, infold ads and intag ads; these entire four ad options are shown differently from the conventional banner ads that most bloggers use.

inTex Ads: this feature  highlights keywords and whenever anyof your visitors hover over an intex ad, a related ad to the hovered keyword will appear.

  inFrame Ads: Based on your website’s category, InFrame will display attractive banner ads in the margins of your website’s pages.

inTag Ads: InTag allows you to increase your clicks and earnings while adding valuable informational tags within your website's content. 

inFold Ads: This one target only your search traffic with ads relevant to there searched terms in non-disruptive footer ads.

Can i use infolinks together with Google AdSense? 

This is actually a question i come across each day, so i have decided to use this medium to clear the issue. 

  The answer is YES, you can safely use infolinks on the same page where you are using Google Adsense program. The only think to take note of with infolinks is; ensure the pop-up created by hovering the mouse on infolinks ads should not by any means cover the google Ad.

Infolinks InText Ads Complement Google AdSense for Contextual Ad Supremacy.

According to infolinks  "It’s no secret that AdSense represents an evolution from the distracting and non-targeted web ads of the past. Using the power of Google, AdSense ensures your site’s ad content “jives” with your site’s overall theme and visitor demographics.

  Still, what if you could take things a step further by transforming your site’s content into its own ad platform? That’s exactly what Infolinks has done.  The perfect complement to AdSense, Infolinks uses InText Ads – and transforms your site’s copy into ad copy in a matter of seconds.  Better yet, there is no risk, it takes no space of your site, no commitment, you don’t have to alter your site’s content and your site will become profitable right away.

  According to Infolinks Vice President Tomer Treves, “Infolinks InText ads complete the contextual web ad experience initiated by AdSense. Plus, it only

 if you actually want to use infolinks with google adsense, i seriously advice you to use the inText Ads type. avoid the pop up type of ads.

how long does it take to get approved by infolinks

how long it takes for you to get approved will actually depend on your website contents and the number of unique monthly visitors. Unlike Adsense, infolinks performs a two working days review on the site you submit. they will instantly get back to you after that period, letting you know weather you have been approved or declined.

how much can i earn with infolinks  ?

how much you earn with infolinks will depend solely on your consistency. we all know infolinks is never gonna pay you as big as Adsense , but if you command a high number of unique visitors, then am so sure you can earn a reasonable amount of money. i know a colleague that earn 4 figures monthly with infolinks. if you are determined and consistent, then i see you succeeding with infolinks.
infolinks also have a 20% referral bonus when you refer someone.

how can i get paid?

here are the payments options available with infolinks and there transaction fees.

echeck - $6 plus 2% for conversion of currency.

Bank wire - you will be charged $25 and 2% .

Paypal - U.S Residents $1, others 2% up to $10.  

western union - $15 

Payoneer - no fees

infolinks also have an android app and an iOS app that you can use and monitor  your earnings and the performance of your account from your mobile phone
create an instant account now with infolinks now: Sign up

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