No Google AdSense? Other ways to monetize your website/blog without Google AdSense


Google Adsense program is arguably the most entertaining for many websites and blog owners out there. Its no surprise because is a huge figure in the internet market and without them so many things wouldn't have been made so easy and free.

But due the the amount of competition in this AdSense program, Its no more easy to get approved with this method recently. Therefore, so many website/blog owners have started looking for how to monetize there websites/blogs without this google adsense program. Not only because of the high competition and reviews but also how people get banned without reason even after acquiring the Google Adsense. If you check the internet today you will find thousands of users complaining that they got banned from google adsense for no reason even with some bunch of dollars in it.
So we have decided to do a quick review and bring you the best ways to monetize your blog without Google AdSense.

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If you are looking for the number one alternative for google adsense, then congrats because you have it!!. The AdSense for yahoo and bing. powers the Yahoo and Bing Network contextual programs.

By Revenue, runs the second largest contextual ad programs globally with over 500 workers around the world. is actually free to register and no hidden charges.
With you get extra 10% of your first 3 months  earnings after 2 days of review and approval. 
Sign up now, and start smilling at your bank account.

Yllix is my  number two google alternative because of the high percentage of things they offer.
Yllix allows any type of website and there are no restrictions. With yllix, you also support pay per click and impressions.
Yllix media is totally free to register and no hidden charges. There minimum payout threshold is $1(yes $1) and they pay there customers daily(i mean you can request for withdrawal at any given time).
Yllix media was founded 0n October 2012 and has been on top of this business since then. with yllix, you can also advertise your product.
Yllix media pays you through so many platforms
they pay you through most notably paypal,payeer and even through bitcoin wallet.
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Yeah, i know so many people might be expecting infolink to be at the number one spot, but i dont think so. Yes i have a 100% knowledge of infolink and its unique offers but the fact that there are some restrictions make me lower its ranking on this page. It has been proven that infolinks Ads perform better on sites with traffic source originating mostly from the UK and US. If your visitors does not mostly come from these countries, your earnings will be lower. Info links also have a little high minimum payout threshold of $50 and they only accept 2 languages(English and Spanish) so if you run a different language site, you are not eligible.

Am not here to talk wrong about infolink, am just trying to clear some relevant points that maybe some of you aren't aware of.

How to earn with infolink

Infolinks has no restriction, though they still have the right to reject your website after performing 2 working days review on it. Infolinks provides you with a huge offer in the internet.they provide you with 4 advertising options. you either choose to advertise using infold or intext or intag or inframe.
There are actually so many ways you can make money with infolinks so i will personally advice you to log on and submit your website/blog to them.
Infolinks have a minimum payout threshold of $50 and pays through paypal among others.
click here to register with infolinks
Revenue hit is an innovative ad performance network that helps publishers to generate more revenues using a state of geo-targeted ad serving technology and  art contextual.
Revenue hit doesn't pay you per click or impression, so if you want get 10k hits nothing for you. they are actually based on CPA(cost per action). anybody visiting through your link must take an action, either by signing up, taking survey or by downloading software.
So if you aren't using google adsense, you can check this one out because am sure Revenue hits is another way you can use to monetize your sites.
Propeller Ads is one of the largest pop-under networks available. Propeller Ads is a very quick network and the entry barrier is really low. you can sign up and get started in less than 3 minutes.unlike or infolinks, here you get approved instantly(once you confirm your email registration)  you are good to go. 

After signing up just move to the payment section and add your own websites, you will be provided with a code that you will have to post inside your site root code to confirm your site ownership. 
with propeller ads you can make up $300 per day depending on your traffic source. click here to get started. 
There is also a referral bonus attached to propellerads. you also earn a certain percentage from your referrals.

Popcash is another legit adsense alternative out there in the internet.

All you need to do is REGISTER and get approved within 1hr on working days or 12hrs on weekends. Submit your site and once approved, you can  set popunder code on your desired pages. Once your domain have been approved, all of your visitors will be shown a popunder  advertisement every 24hrs.

PopAds is another unique alternative to GA on this list.
PopAds is a network specialized in pop Unders. They have good rates and they can also monetize all countries.

Just like yllix media, they have a very low minimum payout($5) and you can as well get paid any day of your choice.
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Ever heard of Clickbank Affiliate marketing program? if you haven't you are missing a lot. 

Clickbank has always been my number affiliate marketing partners.why? Clickbank pays you more than any legit affiliate marketing program out there. with clickbank, you earn a staggering 55% of any product sale(yes 55%). So i gaze you can see why i always rate them as my number one merchants in the internet.
There are no restrictions with Clickbank, no country advantage nor country restrictions. Clickbank is totally free to register with a large categories to choose from(though i will strongly advice you choose topic that falls under your niche).

Join me and start a new life with clickbank easy affiliate program.

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