Get paid when you promote a companies product.

what is Affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing as many will say is a marketing arrangement by which online merchants  pays commission to an external website for traffic or sale generated from its referrals.
Affiliate marketing is a platform whereby you earn/get paid when you promote(sale) a merchants product by posting the merchants link on your website,blog or social media pages.

According to wikipedia, The concept of revenue sharing-paying commission for referred business-predate affiliate marketing and the internet. The translation of the revenue share principle to mainstream e-commerce happened way back in November 1994.

Affiliate marketing overlaps with other internet marketing methods to some degree, because affiliate often use regular advertising methods. Those methods include Organic search engine optimization(SEO), paid search engine marketing(PPC- Pay Per Click), email marketing and content marketing.

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Affiliate marketing has grown rapidly since its inception. According to one report, the total sale amount generated through affiliate networks in 2006 was $3.20 billion in United Kingdom alone. Affiliate worldwide earned $6.5 billion in bounty and commission from a variety of sources in Education, Publishing, Gaming, Retail and many others.


So many affiliate marketing merchants out there are ready to partner with you in promoting there products.
Merchants like clickbank pays you 55% of each product sale.

Affiliate marketing programs does not actually require expert training to start. I started affiliate marketing with zero knowledge and today i can boost of the huge profit i have made through this platform.

There is nothing much to discuss about how it works. that diagram up there is the complete example.
You get paid whenever someone clicks your link and purchase a product in any of this top companies.

Can you get paid when someone clicks your affiliate link but didn't purchase any product? The answer is yes
check my previous article on PPC(Pay Per Click) affiliate programs.

What you have to learn about affiliate marketing is that you shouldn't  promote things that doesn't fall in line with your niche.
If your website or blog is about sports, make sure you go to the sports section and promote things related to sports. Promoting things that are not related to your niche might irritate your customers or viewers. so i seriously advice you not to go to any direction that doesn't suit you, no matter the price.

There are no much requirement for this program. All you need is a Website(any type of website), blog or even a social media profile or page.
Yes you can use this program on social media, especially those that have high number of social media followers, just post the affiliate link on your page or profile and your friends can still click it and purchase a product.


here are list of trusted affiliate marketing programs that you can embark on without risk.
Am going to cover a few of them there.

I always rate clickbank in my number one because of the huge percentage they offer to there promoters.
Clickbank pays you 55% of any product sale instantly.
Clickbank provides you with a large section to choose from, so no matter where your niche fall under, you will find products there that you can promote.

take a look at the categories available in clickbank

 you can click here to learn the basics of being a clickbank affiliate.

How to find product to promote with Clickbank.
-you can use the search area to search for any product you have in mind to promote.
-you can as well use the categories section(the picture i posted up there is how the category section looks like).

Amazon associates has been on the internet since 1997. Amazon affiliate is the most widely known affiliate in the world.

With Amazon, you earn advertising fees from qualifying purchases, not just the product you advertise.
Amazons payment percentage depends on the category you choose to advertise.
You earn 7% on Echo and fire TV device
You earn 8% on furniture home and garden
you earn 10% on luxury beauty
you earn 7% on fashion, shoes and jeweries
you earn 5% on digital music and videos
you earn 8% on kindle and fire tablet devices.

Rakuten is a Japanese electronic commerce and internet company based in Tokyo and founded in 1997.
Rakuten affiliate marketing program is among the best know affiliate program in the world.

Rakuten pairs you with advertisers around the world and they also boast a large number of categories.
Rakuten is just like Amazon, your commission depends on the category you are promoting.

Cj Affiliate is one of the most unique affiliate marketing programs out there. With CJ affiliate, you can also earn when users sign up to merchants companies or download there app using your link.

High-performance publishers (affiliates) around the world choose the CJ Network to promote top brand advertisers and maximize advertising revenue. 
Whether you are looking to make money online by monetizing your website or want to grow your existing affiliate business, Cj robust technology platform and proven expertise drive results.
 CJ afiiliate has been on the internet since 1998.

Founded in 2006, Avangate is one of the most sought after affiliate companies in the world.
Avangate focuses on selling and distribution of software as they aspire to be the #1 commerce (eCommerce + billing + distribution) provider in the world for the software and online services markets.

With Avangate affiliate, you can earn a respectable amount of money when you promote certain products.
Avangate is currently doing a promo that will last till February ending. With this promo, you earn up to 200% commission when you write a review on certain topics. 
There are many available topics available there to choose from, so make sure you utilize this opportunity and earn huge.

There are still other legit affiliate marketing programs out there that pays promoters, but we choose to discuss this few because we can say they are the best we have worked with so far that pays huge.

fell free to ask your question or say your thoughts in the comment section below.

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