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Do you have a social media account? like an account with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? if yes , then this article is for you.
Do you know you can make a huge sum of money just by posting on your social media walls or pages. Though so many companies out there dont support this platform, but there are still a few out there that can pay you when ever you share there post on social medias.

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Posting on social media is something we all do day to day(especially those social medial freaks). Just the sheer number of active users on social media can make your jaw drop. Facebook has over 2 billion, Instagram has 800 million and Twitter has about 330 million monthly active users.

looking at the numbers, i think it will be a good idea to start thinking of how you can monetize it and not just charting and posting personal & friends pics with it.

 According to research made on Facebook, it was discovered that users spend an average of 20 minutes per day on Facebook. some people probably spend more than that percentage on Facebook. I know a friend that spends more than 3 hrs saying hello to friends.

I decided to do a research for this post because of the high number of users that kept on messaging me on Facebook to know if there are any means they can make money doing what they love most.
Research have shown that more than 250 billion posts have been made on Facebook till date, this equates to 350 million posts per day.

I based my research on Facebook because i am sure is the largest social media out there. that doesn't mean that what am about to write here doesn't support other social medias.

Now lets get started


To make money on social medias, there requirements you may have to meet, the main one there is to have a high number of social media followers.

companies always specify the amount of social media followers you must have before you can be eligible for this offer(though not all). companies like prodrinc will require you to have at least 2500. though thats a celebrity level if you ask me.

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these are the few companies that pays you when you post on social medias.


Providr is a digital MEDIA company with offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, Geneva and New Delhi.
Providr provides you with a high captivating content that is highly engaging and with significant global reach. They work with hundreds of Facebook publishers , providing them with contents that enables them to generate a profitable and sustainable income stream by sharing there content on their walls and pages.

Like i stated earlier, Providr is among the companies that requires you to have a certain number of social media followers before you apply(2500 followers). If you have below this number, you can still apply, you might be lucky to be accepted.

Affiliating is another way millions of peopole make extra cash on social media. 
Affiliate marketing program is way of promoting a merchants business or products and get paid whenever someone clicks your link and purchase a product.

Merchants like Clickbank, Amazon, Jumia, Konga are typical examples.
With this method you promote there product on your social media walls and pages and get paid a high percentage when someone purchase a particular product. Merchants like clickbank are ready to pay to up to 55% of any product sale.

There are still some affiliate programs that pays you per click and not only per product sale . that means if someone visits there website through your link but didn't purchase any product, they will still pay you regardless.

    Bestchange is the next one here. They pay you when you promote them on Facebook.
    Unlike Providr, Bestchange doesn't require you to have any amount of media followers. They provide you with a banner or link that you can promote anywhere even on your blog. so you can also use this platform to  "make money with your blog".
    According to bestchange, this are ways you can promote them through social media.

    • placing your partner link in your group;
    • placing your partner link on your personal page;
    • commenting on relevant groups, videos, posts, etc.;
    • recording and posting videos into your albums;
    • posting our official videos in your albums.
    Bestchange is really an interesting package. If you haven't read my previous article on how you can make up to $10 each day with bestchange, make sure to do so .

    Do you have any other company to add to this list? you can leave a comment below
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