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BUY DOMAINS CHEAP(as low as $1.8/yr) AND SELL HIGH(as much as $100,000)-DOMAIN FLIPPING.

Buying and selling of domains(also known as domain flipping) is among the top ways people make money online today. People sell domains for as much as $100,000 to high companies, depending on the domain name.

Buying and selling of domains started years back and so many people have used this medium to hit jackpot. In 2007, was sold for $35million and i also  heard that Facebook bought for as much as $8.3million from a seller that probably bought it around $2 - $25, so when you check the numbers you notice that so many people have progressed with this method. 

However, not everyone might be so lucky to selecting that particular domain that is going to be in high demand tomorrow.

According to, the average cost of every .com domain is around $2100-$2300.Depending on how much your time is worth, you can take a hit on labor cost to get the domain where it needs to be in order to entice potential buyers.

The secret about buying and selling of domains is what we are going to reveal to you here, we will guide you step by step on how you can accomplish this great deal.

here are the quick guides


    lets find out where to buy domains and steps to follow

    in domain names market, is not uncommon for traders to buy numbers of domain names in one go. But it is not that easy to find that pot of gold.

    for beginners, i will personally suggest starting out with new domains and slowly building your portfolio, though there are still ways for you to know the sought after domains. One of the ways for you to know the most sought after domains is by checking on google to find out some of the keyword-driven sites and then you can form your own domain from there.


    There are so many ways and places where you can buy a domain name. there are direct buys, auction, expired domains and also by registering any domain by yourself.

    If you want to purchase a new domain i strongly suggest do sell as low as 1.7$/yr), though there still other available places you can purchase domains.
    places like 


    There are so many domains out there that when you search for them, they have already been taken by another customer. So if you are interested in these domains and they aren't placed on aution sites, you can actually contact them to know if they want to sell. 

    Some of these people that didnt place there domains for sale might reconsider if you offer them an interesting deal. can  contact a domain owner(if the domain is registered with godaddy)on your behalf if you are interested in buying.


    If you are truly interested and serious about domain flipping, i strongly suggest you start monitoring expired domains or deleted domains.
    you can find them at

    expired domains are mainly those domains that the owner could not afford to renew, deleted domains are those ones that there owners is no longer intered in.

    A lot of times, you can find a very interesting domains listed there

    Here are some other places you can buy expired domains


    So it looks like you have finally bought your preferred domain. 
    Now, how do you sell? where can you sell it?

    there are other things you might have to consider.
    things like;
    • Put It Up For Auction
    If you think you actually choose the right domain and you have a believe that there will be a lot of interest, why not put it up for Auction immediately. 

    This is actually the best possible way that you can use to fetch the highest position price when there is prevailing interest.
    • Set A Price
    Once you have checked and find out that there is no pressing need to get rid of your domain names, why not relax and set a good price that you think is suitable for it. This is the system for most domain sellers


    There are so many sites out there that can help you to sell your domain. But to get a high profit out of it, you will have to sell it in the right market.

    Here are the top 6 places you can sell your domain.


    Domain flipping is an interesting business, but just like any other internet business out there that deals with buying and selling there will always be some kind of inherent risk to potential visitors.

    The most common risk involved with domain flipping are liquidity, legality and subjectivity

    As with any other investment, there is a chance you are going to loose.

    Not every domain you buy is going to be in high demand or even in demand at all. So like i said earlier, always check for high quality keywords on google and see your chances. 

    I was so lucky when i bought a particular domain for $12.7 and sold it for $3227. if you check the numbers, i actually made a good profit with the sale.

    I am so convinced that if you follow all the steps listed here, you wont have any problems or regrets.

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