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This has been the one question that every blogger and even website owners  ask people around them. can i monetize my blog? if yes how?
Its quite annoying that so many people that write/tell you on how you can start making money/monetizing your blog dont know how to do it.
Now the question of how you or someone else can monetize their blog is very easy for me.
Some experts will always tell not to have money in mind while blogging. Recently, research have shown that more than 25% of people that started blogging fully because of money have ended up failing.
Now the question you might be asking yourself right now might be "if i don't blog for money, what should i blog for?". Now another research have shown that 80% of bloggers who made waves through blogging, started blogging about what they like most and they actually did it to their own satisfaction.
Take for instance you started blogging because maybe you heared your friend discuss how much he/she has made through blogging and you just decided to jump into it expecting you will be making same amount of profit your friend is making. am sorry to tell you the simple truth that it does not normally work that way and that is why so many people end up as quitters.
to make money with your blog as a beginner, you need to consider some of the following.

  1. Choose a nice niche
  2. Dont be saddened by the amount of traffic you may get while beginning(you might even see only 1  view in some of your posts, but don't worry, just be happy that you were even able to attract that single visitor)
  3. Blog whatever makes you happy
  4. whenever you write a post, dont just have it in mind that people will view it(hoping for the best but expecting the worst).
Now these are  the list of ways to monetize your blog

  • Google AdSense

What is google Adsense? - Google AdSense is actually the most popular online advitersing service, this service as we all know if provided by google. Google Adsense users earn with this service through so many ways e.g  CPC (cost per click)  and CPM (cost per impression).
Google AdSense is actually the main thing that rings in every bloggers mind whenever you talk about how to make money with your blog.
To make money with google adsense, you have to be atleast 18yrs of age and be qualified too. so if you are reading this post and still under 18, am sorry this offer is not for you.

What is affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing involves a merchant(company owners) paying a commission to other online entities like you for referring people to there websites and products.
Affiliate market is one of the ways i have been able to earn great profits online. So today am going to list to you some of the affiliate programs that have earned me great profit.
You might be asking how much can i make through affiliate and what do i need to start. To be honest with you, you can earn a lot of money than you might even expect through affiliate. companies like clickbank pays you a whopping 55% of any offer completed with them. that means if you make a sale of $100, they pay you $55(awesome isn't it?) and you can receive your payment through so many ways, even through visa and master card.
so these are the affiliate programs i will advice my reader to embark on. why? because i have made huge profit from them in the past years.

  1. ClickBank
  2. jumia affiliate (here in Nigeria, Jumia pays you 11% of any product sale)
  3. Konga affiliate (here in Nigeria, Konga pays you 9% of every product sale and they can also pay you per click)
I will be writing another article on this Affiliate Marketing because its a huge topic to discus as a sub-topic. There are so many other affiliate marketing program out there that i have tested and confirmed and am going to write about them here soon. i mean SO MANY OF THEM. so make sure you stay tuned for that(enter your email for a free subcription)


Yes!! this is another huge way to make money online through your blog. You can start linking your product online and leave some of your contact detail behind so that people will start contacting you.


So many of us might be confused as to what URL shortner is all about. URL shorner is actually a site that pays you when you shorten your URL or a companies URL and people visit through that link you shortened. I know it might be confusing to you that is why am going to write another article on this topic to give you up to 10 url shorners that pays you hugely. you can check one of them at shorte
You can make a huge amount of money with URL shortner.


This might actually sound funny, but its actually a unique way you can make money online. so many people out there need experts to develop there blogs for them, so these might be to your own advantage if you are an expert in this field/area. You can also sell off your blogs or even urls to other people if you think you are tired of managing it.

-There are so many other ways on "how you can make money with your blog", but I decided to post these few and legit way of making huge cash through your blog just to help some beginners and even old blogger who have been finding it difficult to make money through their blogs.
Am also going to publish the second phase of this topic "making money with your blog" soon.
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