How to get up to 20 Doge coin and many other coins for free

Free Faucets that pays Bitcoin, ETH, Doge, Litecoin, e.t.c Direct to your wallet free. 

Crytocurrency has actually been on the internet market for over 10years now, most notably bitcoin(BTC). I expect that everybody all knows what crpto is all about, but if you dont i advice you to visit for more understanding.
The topic is all about teaching you on how you can make so many coins for free without any investment and it will be sent directly into your wallet immediately without any tranfer charges.

Recently there has been so many new coin out there in the market like DOGE, PREECOIN, BLACKCOIN, JGENCOIN(after CO), RIPPLE e.t.c  that some internet and forex traders have started investing on, though the old currencies like BTC , ETH, LITECOIN, DASH, BITCASH e.t.c are still making waves around the globe. Am going to show you how you can make both old and new coin for free.

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Getting started
first and foremost you will have to create an acoount with coinpot, to do that follow this link

what is and why should you create an account with

 coinpot is actually a wallet. coinpot gives you a priviledge to store up to 5 coin in there wallet at the same time. coinpot does not charge any fee for recieving or sending coins to different places unlike other wallets. with coinpot, you can convert any coin to another e.g convert BTC to ETH(which for me is awesome) so thats why i value them among other wallets.

A little screenshot of my coinpot wallet dashboard

creating an account with coinpot makes it easier for this free giving coin websites to transfer any coin they give out to you directly to any of your coinpot wallet immediately though they can also send it to any of your provided wallet which might take a period of time. but with coinpot you recieve this coin immediately in less than 0.3seconds.
So where can you get this free coins?
this is actually the most important part of the article so pay attention

Moondash is actually a place where you can get free Dash Coin
you can get more than 0.0015 Dash a day depending on how lucky you are.

Doge is actually a new coin in the internet market and its still valued at $0.008 for now. I suggest you to invest a little in this coin and watch it grow.
Using the link i provided up there, you can get up to 5 doge a day depending on how consistent you are

Here you can get upto 2500 latoshi per 5 minutes of spinning
how consistent you are determines how far you can reach here

You can get free bitcoin here. As you might guess not that much of a BTC.

more to follow...
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