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Affiliate marketing involves you selling  a companies product. You get paid a certain percentage whenever someone you refer buys a product. But the problem with some new website and blog owners is there inability to attract quality traffic that can purchase product from these companies. 

Talking about PPC programs, its hard to find a legit and decent merchants that pays people for traffics. merchants main aim/objective is to sale and not to attract visitors who dont buy. that is why merchants like clickbank pays you 55% of any successful sale made through your link.

Considering the amount of robotic visits and scams in the internet today, not many merchants embark on Pay Per Click affiliate program. So many merchants will rather pay you per lead(if someone sign up through your link) or per sale.

However, pay per click affiliate program is really an interesting package for some beginners who cant command a high traffic to their blog or website. But the truth about this program is that you can not make much with it when you dont command a little percentage of traffic.


PPC(pay per click ) is a platform whereby a merchant pays you a certain amount of money when visitors click on the link provided to you by the merchant sites.

so today we are going to help you by offering you the links of some companies(only but few) out there that pays you per click and also per product sale.


Below are the list of all the trusted PPC programs that we could find.

This offer actually works more for people living in  US, UK, or Canada (you earn little if you invite someone outside of these countries).

how it works-Refer someone living in UK, US, or Canada and earn up to 0.5$-1$ per invite.
other countries invitations will also earn you money for as low as 0.01$ - 0.2$ per invite.
you receive a sign up bonus of 0.5$ and 1.5$ if your referral sign up and completes a certain offer.

Viglink is an automated affiliate marketting program. you can use it to turn normal links into affiliate links and get paid on links you wouldnt have gotten paid for normally
Viglink introduces you to a large list of merchants without any need to ever get approved.
    They use a regular program that pays you per sale(just like any other affiliate program). they also have a list of paid per click affiliate programs listed.

    Viglink turns link from sites like,, and others into affiliate link on your behalf and makes you money.

    They pay you through PayPal.

    Linqia can pay you up to 0.8$ per invite click. you can advertise with your blog, websites and even social media.
    Linqia have some kind of requirements you have to meet before you join

    • you have 25,000+ social media followers or unique monthly visitors to your blog.
    • Your blog has an RSS feed (if your primary channel is blog)
    • you live in US or Canada
    • your channel do'sent feature inappropriate content.
    They also pay through paypal.

    They pay you for linking to any site that you want. They also pay you when you link through your web page. for web page, each web page you add your linkbuck you will get a link that you can start promoting on social media

    Each time your friend click your link, you earn

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    Its quite true that is a site that focus mainly on Currency exchange around the globe, both Cryptocurrencies. According to  –  it is a free online service for finding electronic money exchangers, online banking and money transfers. There are more than 50 exchangers registered at BestChange and the service receives information about currency exchange rates and commission fees from each of them in real time.

    Bestchange is also an affiliate site. They pay you a certain percentage (up to 0.5$ ) when someone visits there website through your affiliate link. when your down-line refer you also gain a percentage.

    Bestchange is a very interesting affiliate program and you can make more than $20 per day if you can refer people.
    how to make more than 20$ per day with bestchange


      There are couple of things you need to be aware of while embarking on pay per click affiliate programs.

      Please we advice you not to send any type of robotic, bad or invalid traffic to this listed sites above. As you can see the list of these PPC websites is small and shrinking because of the high percentage of scams and dishonest affiliates enticing there visitors to click on this ppc link for some kind of rewards.

      The truth is that if any of these listed sites notice any form of dishonesty or invalid traffic, they will terminate there offer with you no mater how much you have made with them.
      so we advice you to stay away from any of these illegal acts.

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      1. Thanks a ton for this post about the affiliate programs that pay us for per click. It was informative as I am also trying to find a good online money making method and it seems best for the housewives like me. I think that Pay Per Click Advertising would be a good idea for promoting my new home business too. What do you think?

        1. It actually depends on the type of home business you are talking.
          Regardless, Am pretty sure it will help to an extent.

        2. It all depends on your commitment.

        3. It all depends on your commitment.

      2. Thank you very much for writing such a fantastic blog because as reader we get to learn a lot from your content.
        Keep sharing such useful information!
        Very informative post for me because i am new in affiliate marketing now i am able to start my own affiliate marketing website so i work as full time affiliate and earn income.
        So, i am thinking to hire a dedicated company to build my website. On searching google i have found revglue(.)com/bespoke a uk based registered agency which also offering these kind of services. I have a plan to hire them for building website but guys if you have another best solution or option for this please recommend me. so that i can make final decision.
        Thanks in advanced


        1. which type of website are you planning to build?



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